KCR playing dirty, divert politics On Secretariat demolishing:DK

Hyderabad, July 13:: Former Minister and BJP senior leader, DK Aruna seriouscomments on Secretariat fiasco  Aruna said that The state is ruling by cruel animalVarious forms of extortion are being pursued for target of wealth, she alleged that  KCR playing dirty, divert politics On Secretariat demolishing

Dk.Aruna targeted, congress and TRS Parties,Congress and TRS are doing conspiring against BJP in the statewith the Congress leaders were exposed to conspiracy in the matter of the Secretariat fiasco

She lashes outKCR opened up to vote bank politics in the state she blamedOne sidePeople are suffering with corona pandemic other side TRS doing nefarious politics with not responding while people are in trouble

while Hindus were attacked in Bynsa, where these pseudo humanitarian BJP leader questioned.

She mind asked the Congress leaders Didn’t Congress leaders remember Hinduism when 20 house s were destroyed

BJP Leader said thatKCR is open to politics to sideline and divert the corona issue.BJP knows best what to do at right given timeThe BJP knows how to build the Pochamma Temple in the Secretariat

Dk. Aruna saidDestroying a temple is a blasphemy. KCR government has undertaken an insulting and insinuating act of demolishing Hindu’s religious place of worship unilateral, she also demands a new temple to be constructed in the same place by the state government with immediate effect.

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