By Seshan Iyer

Why CAA and NRC are the last chance for India’s existence ~ please read carefully

Lebanon – a glaring example of what can go wrong

In the 1970’s, Lebanon was called ‘Paradise’ and its capital Beirut was the ‘Paris of the East’.

The Lebanese Christians are some of the oldest Christians in the world, preceded only by the oriental Orthodox of Armenia and Copts of Egypt.

Lebanon was a progressive, tolerant and multi-cultural society, just like India is today.

Lebanon had some of the best Universities in Middle East, where children from all over Arabia used to come to study. And then they used to stay there & work.

Lebanese banking was one of the best banking systems in the world.

Despite not having oil, Lebanon had a great economy.

The Lebanese society’s progressiveness can be gauged from the 60s Hindi film “An Evening in Paris”, which was also shot in Lebanon!

Now the sad bit..

The Islamic population of Lebanon was growing steadily and the Muslims were producing many more kids than the Christians and the kids were slowly being radicalised due to their lack of education!!

In the 1970’s there was unrest in Jordan and liberal Lebanon was made to open its doors to “Palestinian refugees” by their Muslim leaders to show “True compassion”!!.

However, by 1980, Lebanon was in exactly the same condition as Syria is in today!!

Jihadists, who entered as “refugees”, started ethnic cleansing of the native Christians resulting in untold number of deaths!

No one came to save and people who couldn’t adjust to this violence, left Lebanon in waves and waves of emigration*.

As a result of the deaths and emigrations, the Lebanese Christian population, which was 60% in 1970, whittled down to a mere 37% in 30 years!

Today, there are more Lebanese people living outside of Lebanon than within and their right to return has been blocked by the Muslim majority through laws.

The doors are now sealed shut!

This sad story of Lebanon is only 30 years old!

India needs to learn from Lebanese history. There is a need to be vigilant against the Crusaders like Rohingyas, Bangladesh intruders and also the Enemies within!!

Unite against such forces and boycott the parties, institutions, people, actors, presstitutes and media associated with Crusaders against CAA AND NRC

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