Loans should extend the EMI Maritime Realm by one year until financial progress is consolidate Tanugula Jitender Rao

Unity of Press andMedia National General Secretary Tanugula Jitender Rao said the loans should be extended for one year till financial progress is achieved. Speaking on the occasion,

Jitender Rao said that due to the Corona disaster, the Supreme Court should extend the EMI moratorium on loans to the Central Government to the RBI for another two years. Millions of crores of rupees have been written off,

He said. Loans EMI suicides can occur as a result of farmers committing suicide in the past as they are unable to pay the loan EMI to the distressed people who are stuck in a debt trap no matter what the loss of lives.So the Supreme Court asked
Jitender Rao to take decisions with the central government and RBI in humanitarian perspective.

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