Main intention is Brahmin welfare schemes should be reach to every Brahmin door steps: Jitender Rao

Hyderabad, Oct 30::National General Secretary of the Press and Media Unit Tanugula Jitender Rao said that in his Media statement on Friday
Among in Brahmins caste Arthakus Vedic Delegates Karanas Madvas Different Branches Different Associations jitender trying to Bring Brahmin Unity under one umbrella without differences of opinion among in Brahmins

He said that.His main intention is that Brahmin welfare schemes should be reach to every Brahmin door steps

He said he is Brahmin child
His Name is Tanugula Jitender Rao Press and Media Unit National General Secretary National Media General Secretary Tanugula Jitender Rao Brahmin JAC for bringing Brahmin Unity Telangana, andAndhra Pradesh and all other states in the country for the welfare of Brahmins

Educated Brahmin youth can live well anyway.But even the Brahmin youth who have dropped out of school due to lack of finance need to be shown some way out of government by the government.

As a Journalist and National General Secretary of the Media, he is aware of the plight of Brahmins in the society.100 crores to ensure proper implementation and Andhra Pradesh State Brahmin Corporation Fund to raise Rs 100 crore to Rs 500 crore 200 crore to 500 crore increase.Coming to your front as a platform Brahmin JAC

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