Muslim Women marrying non muslim men

Islamic marital practices - Wikipedia

Chennai- 5,180
Tiruchy- 1,470
Madurai- 2,430
Salem- 740
Hyderabad- 3500

Total 20,000 and more muslim sisters have married non muslim men for past 3 years.

Why Muslim women marrying non-Muslim is condemned - VSK Telangana

This is getting increased day to day

The following are the reasons:-

1. Bringing up of your child in non islamic way, lesser knowledge of islam. By this they are seeing other religions better.

2. Too much of pampering your child.

3. Giving them too expensive mobile or giving them smartphones

4. Sending them to distant colleges or even sending them to colleges.

5. Delaying marriage of the daughter

6. Not monitoring daughter’s friendships.

7. Irresponsibility or too much confidence on their children that they wont do that. Remember Those who did are also pet children of their parents

8. Girls run away on their own thinking they won’t get married or won’t get married as they wished.

9. Immersed in cinema, TV, shows, online, Facebook, Messenger etc. that elevate love and passion. Which is all fake are all lies and  90% of such marriages fail and these women’s lives are ruined.

Our Islamic sisters need an awareness …

Portrait of the theologian Rabeya Muller: Equality in the name of ...

Finally our sisters get struck in the hands of alcoholics, Rapist, people running Brothels for money by black mailing Muslim and non Muslim women RSS, VHP agents and spoil there lives and then it’s too late!!!

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