Naidu fears of his role in the scams being exposed: Chief Whip Srikanth Reddy

Amaravati, June 13: Chief Whip G Srikanth Reddy said that Chandrababu Naidu is frightened of being exposed of his role in the scams and thus lamenting over the arrests of his wingmen.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, Srikanth Reddy stated that the State government is not vengeful towards TDP members but definitely going to take action against those corrupted. “Even today, Chandrababu Naidu is wailing over the arrest of JC Prabhakar Reddy, who was responsible for deaths of many people by plying unfit buses and involving in a huge scam. It is quite shameful to see Naidu supporting those accused with corruption charges and accusing the government of taking revenge. Chandrababu should clarify whether he doesn’t want the government to take action against those corrupted or is he scared of his role being exposed in the scams.”

He further said that neither Chandrababu Naidu nor TDP members are denying the irregularities that took place or the charges leveled but playing caste politics. “We are not holding any grudge against the TDP members. Our role is to protect the public money and identify those looted and make sure to get them summoned before the law. There are numerous scams and irregularities that took place during the TDP regime and slowly they are coming out based on investigations and enquiries.

We could save Rs 2200 Crore by going with reverse tendering for various projects and initiatives since we are committed to protect public money. Soon all the scams and irregularities that took place in the previous government will be uncovered and action will be taken against those found guilty.

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