Neither History nor Allah ST will be kinder to Muslims

Prophet sas said the purpose of my sending to this world is to remove all types prejudices and privileges(caste, race, color, region). Prophet sas further laid emphasis on this point by saying that I trampled over all prevailing prejudices beneath my foot.

Hereafter, an individual is being judged solely on the basis of piety, deeds and actions. Same parameter will be applied even to my very own daughter.

Once, one of the wives of the prophet sas made a condescending comment on another wife by saying she is coloured and dwarf. Prophet sas annoyed at such remarks and didn’t speak to her for many days. Then disclosed to her that if your words dipped in sea, the taste of whole sea water will become bitter.

According to prophet sas commenting on the physic or color of an individual is an unpardonable sin. You are pointing finger on Allah’s creation.

Therefore we must be guarded in making such comments. Money, power and fame is ephemeral. What matters is commitment for a cause, history remembers such Nations and individuals who endowed their lives to remove inequalities prevailing in the system.

It is a bitter fact that the Gulf migrant workers are responsible for creating imbalance in the Society, on many turfs, their pursuit for looking beautiful compels girls to focus more on cosmetics rather than education, economical independence and piety. They are forced to exposed through artificial makeup to appear better before the marriage, it is a neverending pursuit, even after the marriage she was under severe pressure to focus on makeup. Portrayed as show piece before non mehrams.

The irony is that even the boys are obsessed with aesthetics. They too are wasting their precious time to appear better.

The other ambition to built high cost houses in posh areas wherein the all time savings are being invested. Then the wish of a luxury car squeezes the resources.

Eventually both boys and girls wasting their prime time and pink age for a mortal aspect at the cost of careers, education and progress. When faced with financial crisis, such families devasted with no hope of resurrection. The decades toil and progress reduced to ashes.

Another bitter fact is that, the Migrant workers who did everything to keep children and wife happy and in some cases become penniless and dependent on their children, are being abandoned in their winter age to die miserably.

Allah ST has given a wonderful opportunity from the Gulf route for the Muslim community to flourish and excel in education, business and eradicate poverty. Despite earning billion dollars they failed to reaped the harvest in a productive way, due to their insensitivity, incompetency and ego.

History will not be kinder to Muslims for their insensitivity, lack of compassion, absence of vision, arrogance and ignorance. Above all for destroying the social fabric by their anti faith practices and for promoting racism among their fellow brethren.

“Pity the Nation”

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