“NIRBHAYA” Act Unable to protecting the women’s:Jitender Rao

Unity of press and media all india national chief secretary thanugula Jithender rao Speaking to media on Sunday “NIRBHAYA” Convicts got death sentenced. Disha convicts got encountered.but there is no change in our Human mindset and society. “Nirbhaya” incidents are happening in India Repeatedly.He expressed his anguish

Speaking to TSIT bureau in Hyderabad, he said that Nirbhaya in Delhi, Disha in Hyderabad.. and now this 19-year old girl in Hathras uttarpradesh who was gang raped.The family of a Hathras woman who died after she was gang-raped has accused police officials have cremating her dead body without Family members permission.

He said, The 19-year-old Manisha was allegedly raped in Hathras district in northern India. She was brutally injured and died in a Delhi hospital after Batteling her life for two weeks. And the girls’ alleged attackers have been arrested and a fast-track court has been set up for hearing. Nirbhaya got justice prolonged after eight years.

Thanugula Said, This poor Hathras girl was brutally raped, suffered multiple fractures, paralysis and a gash in her tongue in the horrific assault that drew parallels to the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape.The police without paying heed to the family protests cremated the 19-year old girls body, another gang rape case covered up in India where rapes happen day by day

Jithender rao said, Nirbhaya, Disha and the Hathras girl, first they are gang-raped, then the system covers up in a brutal and heartless manner. He said, According to the victim’s family, she was working in a farming land along with her mother and brother, plucking grass. Her brother returned home with a bundle of grass while she remained in the farmland with her mother. The mother and daughter were at some distance in the farmland. The mother realised after some time that the victim was missing. She went looking for her and found her in an unconscious condition. The family said four to five people brutally attacked her from behind, gagged her with her dupatta and dragged her to a bajra farmland where they gangraped her. Her neck was wounded severly.The 19-year-old girl left brethe in the hospital while undergoing the treatment.Thanugula Jithender rao demanded to the government to investigate the entire episode and the culprits should be hanged.

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