Nizam like feudal ruling in Telangana: Sharma

Hyderabad, June 15:BJP senior leader and State media convenor Vojja Sudhakar Sharma asserted that in the Telangana state likewise Nizam ruling continuing and also said that BJP party running the movement against corruption, in order to protestations, to suppress this protesting.imposing the police force

Sudhakara Sharma said that on Monday BJP across the state against the illegal current bills, for demanding the abolish of the bills BJP party doing pretestation in democratic process butgovernment has been aressting illegally, Sharma critisized the government.

BJP leader condemned the illegal arrestes of BJP leaders those who are protesting democratic process.He warned the government until stop the illegal electricity billsthis movement to be continued he added.

He warned that chief minister KCR nizam like wise ruling people will teach him befitting lesson very soon.this government will pay huge loss

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