No need to speculate on bills Everything is transparent: Jagadish

Hyderabad, June 8::Consumption increased with Lockdown Bills as categories Growing 35-40 percent every summer. This is another 10-15% increase due to Dafa Kovid.  Retaining of bills to prevent corona spread
Slabs were raised that day if bills were not paid. Nowhere else has there been more bills than used
Correct any errors in the computer Help desks at electrical revenue offices Pay bills in three-month installmentsThis does not apply online Minister Jagdish Reddy.

State Electricity Minister G.Jagadish Reddy has made it clear that consumers have no doubts about electricity bills.
He concluded that the bills were transparently generate.

Speaking at a press conference at the TSSPDCL office on Monday evening, he said power consumption has increased with lock down. He said that if consumption increases by 35 to 40 percent every summer, it will increase by an additional 10 to 15 percent this year due to the Lock down

There are no doubts that we have prepared the bills as categories. He said he was ready to correct any mistakes made by the computer. Minister Jagdish Reddy said that help desks are being set up in every electricity revenue office.

Minister said if Covid does not pay all the bills at once, it is possible to pay it in a three-month instalment. The bill has been halted to bring home bills to prevent corona outbreaks. “It is unrealistic to expect a higher bill than the public,” Minister Jagdish Reddy said.

This suspicion came to light with power secretary Ajay Mishra along with legislators Kishore Kumar and Sanam pudi Saidi Reddy … When the bills were vetted the bills were found to be correct.The press conference was attended by special secretary Ajay Mishra and TSSPCDL CMD Raghuma Reddy.

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