Nothing is free. There is a price to be paid for a generation …

There is a disquieting quiet from the bhakt front. Except for the lowest intellect among them, the overwhelming population of chaddis have realized that:

1. The economy has been mangled beyond the point of no return.
2. The pandemic is out of control, while a PM is hiding within the safety of a cordon provided by citizens’ taxes.
3. That businesses have collapsed, with no hope in sight, of a revival.
4. That banks are stressed beyond limits.
5. That the Govt of India is now running on borrowed money.
6. That all the assets the Govt had, have already been sold, stripped of their assets or about to be sold.
7. That the Govt has also taken away a major chunk of the RBI’s reserves.
8. That the Govt, stretched to its financial limits, has shut down the handicrafts and handloom boards.
9. That Dearness Allowance has been frozen at just the time when food inflation has risen to unprecedented levels.
10. That a Govt that was already bleeding 40,000 crores per month on GST, is now hemorrhaging over 80,000 crores per month and cannot even pay the GST dues to states.
11. That India has never-before levels of unemployment.
12. That salaries have dropped by an average of 30%.
13. That the hospitality, travel and real estate businesses, that employed 60% of India’s manpower, have shut down, most of them forever and lakhs of crores are now stuck in bad loans and investments.
14. That the capital goods and retail market has shrunk to almost nothing. People are just spending on food, to stay alive.
15. That we have a completely clueless Government who seem to only know how to manipulate fear and hate and has done that, for a low EQ population, quite successfully…

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