On the difficulty of journalists Please interveneTUWJ appealed to the governor

Hyderabad, June 11: The Telangana State Working Journalists Association (TUWJ) delegation has appealed to Governor Tamil Sai Soundara Rajan to at least address to the government concerns on the hardships experienced by journalists in the state.

On Thursday, President k.srinivas Reddy, Tuwj state delegation led by the general secretary of the Tuwjk.virahat alila journalists with the governor in Rajbhavan of the issues brought to the attention of her writing.
The government has been neglecting the welfare of journalists for the past six years. Corona in particular urged journalists to be protected from danger.

Already, 22 journalists in the state have been bitten by coronation, including a young journalist named Manoj Kumar who recently lost his life. Journalists visiting Gandhi Hospital with Corona are not receiving proper treatment. Union leaders alleged

Journalists, like doctors, paramedics, sanitary workers, and police, are providing life-saving services to prevent the coronary epidemic.

Journalists are also asked to provide Rs 50 lakh health insurance. 50 lakh compensation to Manoj’s family who died with corona.

Journalists and media personnel who come to Corona Positive will be allocated a special hospital for treatment.
The TUWJ delegation, in its letter to Governor Tamil Sai Soundara Rajan, said that the government should make a special financial contribution to the affected journalists and media personnel as long as they can recover from the disease.

Among those who met the governor were IJU secretary Y Narender Reddy, TUWJ deputy general secretary Vishnudas Srikanth and leaders of the electronic media Department

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