Out of 870 IAS IPS selected list 479 got coaching is RSS coaching centres and selected

It is fact that every hindu brothers & sisters does not agree to make India as Hindu Country, it very unfortunate to say that only RSS, VHPS, Bajrang Dhall, BJP people raising this kind of voice.

May be ur observations keeping in rural areas voters who are still not opened thier cummunal mindset.Yes i too agree but what thier value of votes or existance they are just selling votes to parties are candidates This is our big negligence or say failure that we are dreaming since last 70 years on others that one day they will solve our issues instead they push back us from properties.jobs and business opportunities resulting today we are most backward than SCs.STs.and OBCs.hence one thing we neef to note that as we all Muslims are one in respect of personal law or any other religious related issues like all most all Hindu brothers and sisters also are directly or indirectly attached with RSS or its allies which is sincerely working for a Hindu state since more than 100 years. You will not believe that recent published report says out of 870 IAS IPS selected list 479 got coaching is RSS coaching centres and selected. Like wise there are many examples to prove that how much influence they got in Paliamentry system. Beurocracy. judiciary system and business and industries sector.If not in this elections but in next elections all opposition will washed away and they will capture total power easily with 2/3rd majority and throughout all unwanted laws. Therefore it is high time for indian minorties instead talking and spending our limited energy on others affairs let us seriously think on our and our community empowerment in future how to lead our lives in changing scenario.

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