“Patriotism is the last refuge of a Scoundrel”

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It is telecasting programme on “Bureaucracy Jihad” and added that Muslims rigged the selection process to get selected over other meritorious candidates of other community. It is total devoid of facts, we need to conceive in the present context. The following saying is fair enough to judge their mind set.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a Scoundrel”.

UPSC by and large is one sector where selection was made on merit alone. Obviously meritorious individuals get selected across the spectrum.

The Jhandewalan Republic has used all their weaponary (Read: Pakistan, Kashmir, Terrorists, Cow, Love Jihad). They direly need an issue to befool the masses and to keep their flock together.

Now they invented “Bureaucracy Jehad”. Instead of getting agitated or dejected just laugh at them for their bankruptcy. Inspite of absolute power at their disposal they are demonizing powerless and helpless muslims.

They befool the Nation stating that the Muslims are opting urdu as an optional in the civil services, since the evaluator also happens to be muslims they award them full marks therefore they got selected whereas similarly placed Hindus are at disadvantageous situations.

The fact of the matter is that out of 50 muslims selected only two have opted for urdu as optional. Masses are unaware of this fact they carried away with lies.

Just for arguement sake let us assume Muslims in future will be denied Civil Services. It is not end of the road, every crisis opens plenty of opportunities. There are thousands of instances when many of us denied jobs due to communal biased at some point of time, it created plenty of alternate opportunities for them, they turned out to be a successful businessman, entrepreneurs, Realtors, eminent lawyers, scientists doctors, engineers and Service providers etc, infact they are ruling the world.

I quote here the sayings of Maulana Rumi

When Allah blessed you with wings,
then why are you crawling like ants.

Be the Shaheen of Iqbal

“Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hai”

think big, dream big, don’t compromise your vision, values and ideologies. Succes is waiting at your door step. One wise decision in life will propels you to new horizons as poet said.

Jo tarriki ki rah per chal pade
Unhe manzilon ne pana di.

Jinhe waswason ne dara diya,

Woh qadam qadam per bhatak gaye.

I spent 35 years in Government service always in fear of loosing job, not because I am inefficient because in Government service you will be antagonized for being honest and forthright. There is a famous saying

” In the empire of lies, truth is treason”

So don’t consider Government job is the end of the road, I longed for purchasing a car and a good house but couldn’t, whereas my friends who are in business and other fields purchase plenty. Our elders said “Any type of employment is one step ahead of beggary”. Businessman is always king.

FYI parsis population in India is less than one lakh, they never tries for jobs, they believe in business, they are holding half the wealth of the nation. Their per capita income is higher than all other communities.

Have faith in your creator then in yourself no force on this earth can shake, instead you can shake the world. Mind it we are the ones who burnt the boats and have believed in self created history. I end here with these beautiful couplets

Deewane dariya paar kardiye
Hosh wale duaon me rehgaye.

Wishing you all success in your future endeavors. Ameen.

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