Pawan Kalyan’s Remarks on Kapus Welfare Incoherent : YSRCP Govt

Amaravati, June 28: Reiterating that Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan has been speaking incoherently and with ignorance, YSRCP has said that the State Government has spent Rs 4,769 crores during the past 13 months towards Kapu welfare and while TDP during the past five years had spent just Rs 1,874 crores.

On both the occasions the amount was released through Kapu Corporation and women of the Kapu community have benefitted through Amma Vodi, Rythu Bharosa, VAhana Mitra, Chedodu, Nethanna Nesthan, Kapu Nestahm and other schemes being implemented by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government, Party leaders Tota Trimurthulu and Amanchi Krishna Mohan told reporters here on Sunday.

Pawan Kalyan, who sailed with TDP during 2104 elections should know that Chadnrababu Naidu during the first year of his term had allocated a naught during his first year in office and in the second year he allocated RS 100 crore but has spent Rs 96 cores, they said and questioned as to why he did not raise the issue when for allotting such meagre funds at that time.

While the budget allocation of the TDP-Jana Sena tie during the five years was Rs 3,100 crores, though the promised amount was RS 5,000 crores and the actual amount spent was Rs 1,874,6 cores benefiting 2.54 lakh people.
In comparison, the former MLAs said, during the 13 months the State has spent through Kapu Corporation Rs 4,769.5 crores benefitting 22.90 people of the community. How is it that the yawning gap is not visible to Pawan Kalyan, they asked.

Any government will spend amount for welfare schemes only through Kapu Corporation, they said. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised that he will spend Rs 2,000 cores annually through Corporations and he is adhering to his promise.

During 2019-20,the first year of coming in to office YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government has spent Rs 3,392.43 cores towards Kapu welfare. In the current year, Rs 1,377 crore was spent till now.
Pawan Kalyan is dancing to Chandrababu tune and why he did not ask for a white paper on Kapu welfare during TDP term, they asked and said he lacks basic knowledge and is only parroting the script given to him by TDP leadership.
Chandrababu has given a false promise that he will 5 % reservation to Kapus though there was no provision and has poured in confusion into the issue. Pawan Kalyan is now being pushed forward and he is raking up the quota issue unashamedly.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been implementing all promises made in the manifesto, they said adding that Pawan Kalyan’s remarks are tutored and do not match his earlier stand on the same subject.

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