Pawan Says Jagan Govt Shows Hypocritical love towards Kapus, Demands Reservations

Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan Says that Ruling YSRCP  Government in Andhra Pradesh Shows Hypocritical Love Towards Kapu Community in the State. Today He has released a Press Note and Demands Govt to give Rule of Reservations to Kapus.

Pawan’s Statement As Follows,

Kapu reservation… is the desire of crores of people who are struggling in the clutches of selfish political people. Some opportunistic political forces have converted the desire into a platform for gaining votes and mirage. For the first time, the then Chief Minister Sri Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy removed Kapus, who are in the list of Backward Classes during the British regime, from the BC list in 1956 and put an end to the reservation for Kapus. Later, Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah, who emerged from oppressed classes as a person who was aware of difficulties of all sections of people, assumed the position of Chief Minister in 1961 and reintroduced reservations to Kapus. But in the later stage Sri Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, who took over the reins of the government as Chief Minister, again denied reservations for Kapus.

Since then that means for the past 56 years, it became a political game for power-mongers to gain votes and coming to power by showering hypocritical love towards Kapus. The Kapu community is given a raw deal by saying ‘yes’ in front and ‘no’ from the back, instigating other sections indirectly whenever the Kapus asked for putting them in the backward class list within the frame of constitutional guidelines and without causing harm to any of the sections which are now getting reservations. Some sections, who are not interested in the strengthening of Kapus, are preventing implementation of Kapu reservations and enjoying with diabolic politics.

No Kapu elder is satisfied with the promises of adding Kapus in BC list during the elections and in the election manifesto and making half-handed attempts when they occupied the seat of Chief Minister after coming to power. The reason is that their attempts are not on the right path to achieve the target.

During the 2014 elections, Telugu Desam Party on one side and YSRCP on the other made promises to provide Kapu quota. The government of Sri Chandrababu Naidu instituted Manjunatha Commission to assess the conditions of Kapus. After the Manjunatha Commission ruled in 2017 that Kapus are eligible for inclusion of Backward Classes list, a Bill is approved in the Assembly and Council including Kapus in BC list under ‘F’ category with 5 per cent reservations. These reservations are applicable only for education and jobs. The Bill was sent to the Central government for further approval. The Kapu elders and intelligentsia have found fault in it as it is not that simple to get approval in the Parliament and became a law. The Centre will take the whole country as one unit into consideration. As a result, it will expire over the period. The Maharashtra government passed a resolution in the Assembly providing 16 per cent quota for Maratha caste people in that state and ordered for its implementation. But, the state High Court approved it reducing it to 12 per cent. Similarly, If Sri Chandrababu Naidu has a real intention and commitment to providing reservation to Kapus, he would have done what Maharashtra did it. But, the Kapus are in deep concern that he put the desire of Kapus in cold storage forever by sending the Bill to Centre.

Keeping in view of the reservation demands country-wide, the Central government headed by Sri Narendra Modi has enacted a law providing 10 per cent reservations to economically backward forward castes. The states can allocate these 10 per cent to the eligible castes using their discrete powers. Under this context, the government of Sri Chandrababu Naidu allocated 5 per cent reservations for Kapus under BC quota to fulfil its election promise given to Kapus. After the Telugu Desam Party’s poll debacle, Sri Jagan Reddy took the reins of the government. Soon after he came to power, he diluted 5 per cent reservation given to Kapus stating that these types of allocations will not withstand in the courts. He even declined to implement reservations to economically backward forward castes in the state. Sri Jagan Reddy, who has always rendered to offer Kapu reservations from 2014 elections to till his Padayatra, has announced ruling out Kapu quota based on preachings by his election strategists during the yatra. Some leaders in the YCP who raised their voice for salvage of Kapus, are shedding crocodile tears saying that welfare of Kapus is their motive since there is no other way for them except to follow Sri Jagan Reddy.

The Kapu leaders, who are speaking with me and other leaders in Janasena Party, are asking to concentrate on their reservation, a demand of the half-century and to speak on people’s platforms. I reminded them the word of a promise I have given in the Janasena election manifesto that it will provide Kapu reservations if it came to power. Why is Sri Jagan Reddy, who claims that he had spent Rs 4,770 crore in 13 months with love towards Kapus, not restoring Kapu reservations? Kapus are asking “we don’t need any salvage. We don’t need showering pity on us hitting hard on our self-esteem. We are only asking for the restoration of our right of reservations which is prevailed previously.” What is your answer to the Kapus?

Janasena demands restoration of the right of reservations to Kapus without causing any harm to SC, ST and BCs who are getting reservations now.

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