PV reshaped India by liberalisation, globalization, Privatisation

Hyderabad, June 28::NSUI leader (Student wing of Congress party) state president venkatbalmuri praised P.V.Narasimha Rao is great national leader who re shaped India by liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. India was at that time critical juncture both economically and politically when he has become Prime Minister. has brought back India to normal position and connected India to global economy and politics.
Balmuri said today India is one of the top ten countries in the world. PV Born from a ordinary family and also from a tiny village Vangara of Karimnagar District, Telangana.  He was a loyal Congress Party leader .

PV has done his best to Congress Party and Congress Party also has done its best to PV by making him as AICC President and Prime Minister of India. He said

TRS party and KCR are trying to exploit the political issues for their political advantages. All the good things done by PV as told by KCR in the Centenary cellabrations meeting are due to the political support given by Congress Party not by any other political party including TRS party.he critisized

He said that t proud that PV is from Telangana but all through his life he was a strong nationalist. His vision is always on the over all development of India as a whole.

Balmuri venkat Rao said that They are celebrating not just for him but also the ideologies of Congress Party. All the reforms in education, residencial schools, Navodaya schools and land ceiling act successful, liberalisation, privatisation, and globalisation too,

He demonstratedthat Today’s MNREGA is his brain child started as employement guarantee scheme during his tenure as PM.

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