Rajiv Gandhi revolutionised education system in India: Srirangam

Hyderabad, August 20: Paying rich tributes to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his 76th birth anniversary on Thursday, Satyam srirangamsaid that it was Rajiv Gandhi’s vision that turned India into a powerful nation.

Addressing a meeting at kukatpally srirangamsaid that Rajiv Gandhi introduced a new education policy in 1986 with an aim to inculcate the scientific temper and boost technology-based education in the country. He said the policy was so comprehensive and inclusive that it completely changed the mindset of all Indians and they started adapting technology and innovation in all spheres of their lives. Right from computerisation to telecommunication, Rajiv Gandhi motivated everyone in the country to adopt non-conventional methods to achieve growth. He said it was because of initiatives taken by Rajiv Gandhi that today India gets counted in the list of powerful nations.

Similarly, Srirangamsaid that Rajiv Gandhi implemented a foreign policy which provided India an edge over all neighbouring countries and our nation was able to maintain cordial relations with everyone. He said that Rajiv Gandhi played a pivotal role in resolving the civil war in Sri Lanka and even dispatched Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) when the situation deteriorated. However, this move became a basis for his assassination at the hands of LTTE. Therefore, Rajiv Gandhi gave the supreme sacrifice for the integrity of the nation

He said it was highly unfortunate that the Central Government did not publish an advertisement in any newspaper in the country in honour of a former Prime Minister who sacrificed his life for the country.

The Congress leader said that the contribution of Gandhi-Nehru family in nation-building was enormous and BJP and RSS would fail in their attempts to distort real history. He said that the Congress party would continue to highlight the achievements of Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and other leaders who transformed India into a powerful country.Rajiv
Applauded by intellectual groups
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Indian heart, never Born like that quality leaders “srirangam added”

In this program pattola Nagireddy TpccSpokes person, Krishna, Subhash,
Madhu, Swarupa , Asif and other leaders Were participated

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