Revanth meets GHMC commissioner for abolition of house taxes

Hyderabad, June8::PCC Working President Malkajgiri MPmeets GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar on Monday. For he has appealed for the abolition of house taxes in Greater Hyderabad Jurisdiction for year of 2020-21

No taxes affordability for poor and middle class families currently in lockdown tenure

No objection from elites
Take the opinion of setting up a council meeting quickly
Employees’ salaries deducting due to financial reasons Poor, middle class has no income during lock down

Government attitude on electricity bill should be change. Takes on the lips Trade lines .Government should rethink on property tax on commercial buildings

GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar along with MP Revanth Reddy top leaders have demanded that the government be exempted from the government forcing the government to pay the license trade license in a commercial residential taxi once again after the government says it will not pay shop rent in lockdown.

Leaders of Parliament related constituencies at the time of submiting k.Srisailam Goud, Koppula Narasimhareddy MD Sharif Parameshwar Reddy, Venkatesh Yadav, D.Sripal Reddy and other leaders wereparticipated

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