Sarvepally superbrain and versatile Personality :Bandulal

Hyderabad,September::Senior congress leader and Telangana Pradesh congress committee secretary Jamalpur Bandulal stated in his media statement occasion of Birth anniversary of former president of India Sarvepally Radha Krishna Real Definition of Teacher, said that his journey   school Teacher to Presidendent of india applaudable and ideal to today generations and also said that from the childhood onwardshe contained infinity intelligence. Most of his childhood days were happened in Thirupathi perhaps that environment made him super brain and Rare versatile personality.

He Applauded his micro intelligence  Role model of real teacher he has proved teacher can Grow any thing and also prove…
[8:48 PM, 9/5/2020] Prashanth Reddy N S S Rep: Radha Krishnan Life is Role model to present generation

TPCC  official spokes person Sathyam Srirangam

Hyderabad,September 5, :; Senior congress leader and TPCC official spokes person sathyam srirangam Stated in his media statement  occasion of sarvey pally Bith anniversaryRadhakrishnan hails from very poor family. Father Veeraswamy, who could not afford  his higher education, asked his son to become a priest. But education  Radhakrishnan  only  life. That is why he joined the missionary school in Tirupati for high school education. Since then he has gone on to study with scholarships. There have also been instances where he has cleaned the floor and eaten plate  could not even afford to dine.

He said that In 1952 he became our first Vice President and in 1962 became the second President of India. Received the Bharat Ratna in 1954. However, it never went to luxury.When he was president, he would take only 25 per cent of his salary and return the rest to the Prime Minister’s Assistance Fund.

He appalauds  sarveypally  is the monument of  logical education any more accoraled he won besides BHARATH RATHNA  he added

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