She was a dalit daughter from Hathras…

Thank God it was a dalit daughter in UP that they silently burnt the body in the middle of the night.
If she was a actor from Bihar, every agency would be deployed on a witch hunt for elections.
If she was an elephant from Kerala, every minister would outrage.
If she was from Delhi, a government would have been brought down.
If it was even a troll attack on Kangana, the family would get Y Category security.
If the rapist was a Sengar, the father would have been in jail and beaten to death.
If it was a molestation by Chinmayanand, even the girl’s body would have been in jail.
If it was a BJP worker in WB, they would be demanding President’s rule. And If she was a cow, they would have burnt a village. Thank your stars that she was a dalit daughter from Hathras

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