Some facts about Bangladesh which will be hard to digest for communal Andh Bhakts –

– Today, Bangladeshi women have on average 2.1 kids which is less than India’s average of 2.3 kids
– Bangladesh will overtake India in per capita GDP
– Female literacy in Bangladesh (71%) is more than India (65%)
– Bangladesh has faster economic growth than India
– Today, Bangladesh is more peaceful than India. Global Peace Index rank is 97 vs India’s 139
– On average, Bangladeshis live longer life than Indians (72 yrs vs 69 yrs)
– Unemployment rate in Bangladesh is lower than India (4% vs 8%)
– Bangladesh successfully prevented Urdu imposition in the country
– There is more religious violence in India than Bangladesh (Social Hostilities Index 7.2 vs 9.5)

These facts are not to show that Bangladesh is a better country. It is to show how far they have come. They used to be worse than India in all these parameters but now are better because they focused on the right things

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