Srirangam lashed out electricity Department treacherous attitude

Correct the irregularities in electricity bills if not Congress party will do massive agitation.

Hyderabad, June 9:: PCC spokes person satyam srirangam addressed the media In his office at kukatpally on tuesday.he lash out the Telangana Electricity department treacherous Attitude.

In the Lockdown tenure,No work,no income in this tough time from electricity consumers three months charges collecting from electricity department, electricity department Included lower slab to higher slab
By this irregularity people are facing huge problems srirangam
Expressed his anguish.He said to be this shocking bills making poor people to poorer and also demanded that make the bills
Correction and make the relief with This mascare

Congress leader questioned the government at this juncture no single no income for the people. How they can pay thousand of Rupees electricity bills he added. He warned the government that. At the time of Lockdown served. Electricity bills should abolish if not, behest of the Congress party. Will do massive agitation

Congress leader said that Telangana electricity department bills announced in 3 categories, and 9 slabs in this 9 slabs four
Were important that 200 units
And 300,400,500 for 200 RS cost
5 rupees,300units 7.25/,400 units
8.50/,500 units 9/ collecting in the

Srirangam said that for example if we take middle class people are getting heavy burden by above slabs. He said vehemently it is the merciless looting of government.

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