Stop.. Planned destruction of all good things in and around Hyderabad

must stop  Defeat the designs  of the land grabbers

It was the main purpose of the Andhra Pradesh Government to destroy every thing good about Hyderabad and Telangana. People of Hyderabad and Telangana were sleeping when designs of destruction were being made in the corridors of power since 1956. All they wanted was to make a fast buck before they quit Telangana which they knew was coming.

All their actions prove this point from taking all the benefits of Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir till Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar planned drying and eventual destruction of the Great Lakes the pride of Hyderabad. The masonary dams like no other in the country.

Lakes only do good to the environment and weather every where. They are like jewels to be securely guarded and treasured. The lakes can never do harm.

By their destruction the first damage is you deprive the city of Hyderabad of clean ample drinking water supplied by the beautiful underground network of water pipelines found in very few cities in the country. This is one of the numerous firsts in the country along with drainage, electricity, mint etc. far too many to be mentioned here!
On my visit to the Arts College I found the landscape woefully lacking. Plants were dying so was the grass all around and no water and fountains in the pool. On inquiring they told me there is a severe shortage of water. And here we are starving the lakes of water.

The first salvo on these lakes was by the actor Chief Minister N.T. Rama Rao who started drying these lakes by blocking the water from catchment areas. It is a crime worldwide to tamper with nature particularly catchment areas. The first action after the formation of Telangana should have been to undo all such damaging actions post 1956. These are egregious crimes that must be undone and reversed by all means.

See how the world takes care of nature? See how they take care of water 💦🐟, trees 🌲 and wild life🐇🦚 🦢🦜. Not a branch can be cut in your own house without the permission of the County and The State.
The Telangana government should take immediate actions and remove all obstructions built in way of the .natural water drains into the lake water pathways.

Let the water flow freely into these lakes. Do not take livelihood away from fishermen too. Let’s have a world angling 🎣 (catch n release) and an equestrian competitions where our boys and girls will train for Olympics on these lakes.

See how the economy booms. During the fishing season all hotel rooms in Hyderabad will be full. During equestrian competition the same. It will be an enhanced tourist destination. Foreign exchange reserve in RBI will swell and fill Telangana State coffers with Indian Rupees. Tourism means billions of US Dollars and Euros.
These lakes besides water 💦 and weather are the very few entertainment and outing centers we have for the millions of city dwellers to relax and enjoy.

Destroying these lakes is like destroying the livelihoods of millions and a billion dollar boost annually.
There are so many benefits that I have not mentioned here. But the land grab should immediately stop 🛑.
Telangana Government should immediately act stop 🛑 and reverse the damage done to Telangana and its economy starting with this issue. I wish TS all the luck.  JAI TELANGANA JAI HYDERABAD

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