Take whatever work you can. Don’t be fussy. Your old job, your old life… Is over…

Dear India, this is no simple recession, it’s a full-blown meltdown. My simple two cents on some must-dos at this time…
1. If you are salaried in the private sector, you might be laid off between now and next year. Clear all your Card debts and throw away the damn credit card. Ensure your savings can last you and your family for three months without replenishment.
2. Students. These are times where you will need to get a job part time. It might be flipping burgers or whatever, try and make some money and don’t be a burden at home. And quit spending YOLO style. Be responsible.
3. If you work in a startup, if they’re giving you a golden handshake, take it. It’s a good sign that the company will be shutting down soon and you need all the liquidity you have.
4. If you have car on loan, dump it. You can’t be paying installments on luxuries when you are jobless. Reduce your debts is the chief mantra. Same with living on rent in an expensive neighborhood.
5. Business Owners. If your revenue stream is dry since lockdown, get a good settlement package to your employees and let them go early. Don’t fuck their lives by cutting salaries by half and in the end not pay them, saying you’re broke. Be human, though I know you won’t.
6. Those who’ve lost jobs. Take WHATEVER work you can. Don’t be fussy. Your old job, your old life… Is over… And it will be that way for many years. If you don’t like that, find your nearest Modi voter and spit in their face.
7. Sell jewelry and all that useless shit. Gold prices in a weak demand market won’t be worth much. Rent out spare rooms at home if possible.

In short, get out of any debt obligation, don’t spend like it’s Christmas, learn to live a frugal life for at least one year. And be mentally prepared for this phase to last a few years. Oh yes… And vote better than you did India. Actively work on changing minds now.

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