Tangula Analysed Men support for Donald Trump, Women Support for Joe Biden

Unity of Press all over India chief secretary Tangula Jittender Rao
Exclusive analysis on US presidential elections, He said in his Analysis note.ExtremeTensions prevails over the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

He clarified that.However the response of American voters in this election has been interesting. Men favoured Republican candidate Donald Trump while women favoured Democrat candidate Joe Biden.
As per Jitender RaoAccording to an international media outlet survey agency, 56 percent of women have voted for Biden so far. Trump received only 43 percent of the vote from women. And when it comes to men, 49 percent support Trump. However, men’s support for Biden is relatively low compared to Trump. Forty-eight percent of men support Biden. Whites mostly voted for Trump. Blacks, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, and others voted for Biden. Blacks generally leaned towards Biden. Among whites, 56 percent support the trap, while only 42 percent vote for Biden. Biden received 87 percent of the black vote. Only 12 percent of blacks voted for Trump, and American voters were split by age. American youth in particular have expressed strong support for Biden. Between the ages of 18-29, they went to Biden, and the rest of the week was to Trump. Only those over the age of 65 supported Biden by 50 percent. The 45-64-year-olds said 49 percent support Biden and 50 percent support Trump. Between the ages of 30-44, 52 percent support Trump and 45 percent support Biden.

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