TDP leaders receiving life threats, DGP taking no action despite complaints : Bonda Uma

AMARAVATI: TDP former MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao on Monday condemned the ‘dictatorial attitude’ of the YSR Congress-led administration and blamed it for harassing all including doctors, employees, opposition leaders for speaking up against the state government.

He alleged that they had information about the ruling party conspiring to kill some of the opposition leaders. He spoke of receiving life threats on phone and about ruling party leaders being abusive and authoritarian in their behavior.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader alleged that seven to eight TDP leaders, including Buddha Venkanna, received death threats. Bonda Uma said he was threatened that he’d be killed on June 22 if he continues speaking against the Jagan government. The proofs and documents were submitted to the police and DGP but no action taken yet. He declared that if anything happened to them despite these complaints, YS Jagan will be the first accused.

Mr. Uma said the police have remained mute spectators despite numerous complaints from people and TDP leaders about such harassment. Taking the examples of dictators such as Idi Amin, Hitler, Marcos and Suharto, he said such despots met with defeat eventually. He warned that winning elections doesn’t give anyone the right to behave undemocratically, threaten people, harass and arrest them by force. The job of the opposition was to point out where the government is going wrong. But the government is threatening and forcibly taking away TDP leaders like Siddha Raghava Rao and jailing those like Atchannaidu who refuse to join it.

Mr. Bonda Uma warned the officials that they must do their duty without violating rules and procedures. If they end up committing violations to please the Ministers, they’d be punished one day. The Jagan government already received censure from the High Court and the Supreme Court dozens of times. But they continue going to courts spending crores on lawyer fees.

Displaying the Vigilance Report, Bonda Uma pointed out that of the alleged misappropriation of funds worth 8.96 crores, only 4.15 crores was paid. As per Central guidelines of 2009, the Minister is not involved in purchases. It was the Director and Doctors in ESI who were delegated powers to make purchases. The Vigilance Report also names these doctors and directors as those accused of misappropriating funds. Nowhere in the report is Atchannaidu’s name present.

This is not even a state issue but a union government issue. But fake news and falsehoods are being spread about a scam of Rs 900 crore happening at the behest of Atchannaidu. A similar scam happened in Telangana where directors and doctors were accused but the Minister was seen to have no role in this since Ministers dont have the authorization to make purchases. Even ACB officers are being made to say falsehoods. It’s the directors who are delegated powers to make purchases as per Purchase Manual 2009. Bonda Uma also showed GO 51 according to which the Minister has no link with the purchasing and can’t do any buying of resources.

Bonda Uma warned that dictators who came to power with a huge majority have been brought down by the people eventually. He urged government and state officials to mend their ways and serve people.

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