T’gana government does not stop discrimination on all BCs, will intensify the movement – Dasu Suresh

warangal, August 10::T’gana State BC leadership team on Monday visited the site under the Secretary Adepu Nagesh leadership where the statue of Mahatma Jyotibapule was demolished. BC Bahujan leaders visited the Ursu Gutta Dargah area on Monday, Telangana State BC Working President and National Official Spokesperson Dasu Suresh has joined them.

Dasu Suresh said the Dalit Bahujan community had staged a large number of protests in hundreds of parts of the state as soon as they witnessed the JyothibhaPhule Idol destroyed .

Dasu Suresh lamented that with the ongoing government discrimination against BCs, all SC , STassociations and institutions have already disappeared and become dumb.

It is unfortunate that the government does not care about pathetic situation of poor BC’s who are majorly depended upon Handicrafts professions .He also alleged that the situation and livelihood of the weaker sections is completely depleted by the corona and the poor people are losing proper health facilities.

Despite the sharp rise in unemployment among BC and Bahujan youth in Telangana, the ongoing suicides among BC communities continue. Dasu Suresh opined that these danger bells are frightening the Telangana BC community.

Dasu Suresh demanded that all nationwide MPs and especially all MPs and MLA’s Ministers from the ruling party and public representatives of All political parties immediately should condemn the demolition of the statue of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, which is widely spread across the country.

Dasu said ,for the betterment of the downtrodden, the movement will work hard to liberate the weaker sections from the shackles of slavery for generations.

The activity was attended by Dalit Sena District President Santosh, BC Welfare Society State Publicity Secretary Nagesh BC erstwhile Warangal District President Bharat Rajaka Chairman Chaparthi Kumaraswamy and others were participated.

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