The arrest of NSUI president Venkat and other leaders is anti democratic:Uttam

Hyderabad, August::  Public welfare was neglected . and Detention was increased.
TPCC president N.Uttam Kumar Reddy slammed TRS Government.The arrest of NSUI president Venkat and other leaders is anti democratic.Every citizen has the right to protest on public democratic process he added

He lashed out the government is playing havoc with the lives of students.It is against the public interest for the government to conduct examinations while there is a case in the court regarding examinations.he blamed

On the one hand, Covid tests are not done, day by day in Telangana, covid cases increasing in jet speed
at the same time the death toll is rising Hospitals do not have proper facilities, private hospitals pimping
The money reached peak level

He askedWhat is the point of the government rescheduling the entrance exams at a time like this
The lives of students mean value or immediately the government should stop the exams.

He demanded that No action should be taken against any activist, including Venkat Balmoori

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