The BRAVE Brahmin with a very Big Heart

The gentleman in the photo is Krishnamurthy Iyer ji – known as Kittu Mama.

Kittu Mama is a 65 year old senior citizen and sells Dosai and Idli in Trichy near Theppakulam closer to Chathiram Bus Stand.

He sets up his shop after 6 PM and sells delicious Idli, Dosai with tasty chutney at very affordable prices. He is a roadside cart based outlet. He is assisted by his wife and a young worker.

Most of his clients are labourers, working women staying in Women’s hostels, Bus Conductors, Auto Rickshaw drivers, goods cart pullers, Bus Drivers/Truck Drivers etc. Local people there highly respect him.

Few days back he was making and selling idlis and dosa as usual. And local councillor Pandian came and asked for Idli/Dosa.. He was punch drunk. He is a local ruffian and collects hafta from vendors. He was with two rowdies. All of them ate food and Pandian did not pay the money for the food.

When Kittu Mama’s wife asked for money, Pandian became angry and pushed Kittu Mama and threw away Utencils with Atta for Dosai/Idli. And abused them – “You Iyer – how dare you ask ME money?”

And he proceeded to pull and tear the janeyu of Kittu Mama..

Kittu Mama became ferocious and picked up a bamboo stick which was lying nearby and bashed up the goons. And he was saying “Yes I am poor brahmin but my Poonool (Janeyu) is vedaswaroopam. How dare you try to insult it? I also know martial arts and has learnt it perfectly”.. Then he showed his skills in Silambattam and hit the goons again.

Everyone there were watching but did not stop the goon due to fear. The thuggish neta Pandian ran away but threatening Kittu Mama that he would come next day with his party workers and sort him out.

Kittu Mama continued his work of making food. Few labourers around there told Kittu Iyer that next day they would protect him when the goons come.

Next day evening Kittu Mama started his shop as usual. Councilor goon did not turn up. Next Day also he did not come.

Then Kittu Mama came to know that after fighting with him, the councilor met with an accident and was in ICU and in need of rare blood group for operation. Blood donation request had been flashed in TV too.

Kittu Mama immediately went to hospital, donated blood as his blood group matched that of the councilor, stayed in the night till the operation was over.

Next day morning, Councilor’s family thanked him and Kittu Mama went and met the councilor who was in a Condition to talk. He apologized profusely to Kittu Mama.

And Kittu Mama told -“I had to defend my Janeyu as it is my dharma. I had to save you too as it is also my dharma. And you have a family hence I felt I should definitely donate blood” and moved away.

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