The Burial of the Martyrs

The Waqifites believed that Imamate ended with the seventh Imam Musa al-Kadhim (a.s.). Ali bin Hamza, a Waqifite man, argued that since Ali bin Musa ar-Redha (a.s.) was in Medina when his father Imam Musa al￾Kadhim (a.s.) died in Baghdad, he (ar-Redha) could not have buried his father.

Imam ar-Redha (a.s.) asked, “Tell me, who buried Imam Husayn at Karbala?” The Waqifite man answered, “Of course, it was Imam Ali ibnul Husayn Zainul Aabidin (a.s.) who buried Imam Husayn (a.s.).”
Imam Reza (a.s.) said, “But Imam Zainul Aabidin (a.s.) was unconscious with fever and was taken to Kufa as a captive. How could he have buried Imam Husayn?” The Waqifite replied, “Imam Zainul Aabidin (a.s.) by his miraculous powers came
from Kufa to Karbala in the night after Ashura, buried his father and other relatives and he returned to Kufa before
Umar bin Sa’d or ibn Ziyad could notice his absence.”
Imam ar-Redha (a.s.) replied, “The same powers that enabled Imam Zainul Aabidin to come from Kufa to Karbala in order to bury Imam Husayn enabled me as the Imam to come from Medina to Baghdad to bury my father.”

The incident is reported in detail by Sheikh Abbas al-Qummi. According to Shiite tenets, Imam Ali Ibnul Husayn Zainul Aabidin (a.s.) with the assistance of the tribesmen of Banu Asad, Angels and the believers from the Jinn identified the bodies and buried Imam Husayn’s headless body along with that of the infant Ali al-Asghar (a.s.). At the foot of Imam Husayn’s tomb, he buried Ali al-Akbar (a.s.).

Reference – Nafasul Mahmoom

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