The Government is not following The right policy in Agriculture

Hyderabad,June23::Jeevan Reddy,MLC.Graduate constituency wrote a open letter to the Chief Minister K.Chandra Shekar Rao.

Jeevan Reddy addressed the media alone Gandhi bhavan he lashed out CM KCR defective in its agricultural policies.Farmers debt waiver has not yet been implemented .The government is not following the right policy in agriculture.

He questioned In the past, the rhythu bandhu scheme ,that they would run without any restrictions. Now they are giving to those who have 5 acres of it not restrictions he asked

He pointed out that Millions of farmers have not received yetpassbooks.Agriculture and orchards should be promoted.he to
The government.

MLC critisized thatThe subsidy provided by the center for drip irrigation is also not in use.
5 to 10 kg of grain was lost in grain collection.Farmers Damaged With Rice Millers .

There are no restrictions anywhere in the country on the crops cultivating.Here is the cultivation of dictatorial agriculture.

This is just a case of Rice Millers Farming.With a marginal crop, the farmers have to pay a minimum support price 2500 RS he demanded.

Jeevan Reddy said That orchards are being harmed by a conspiracy.
Encourage fruit orchards with incentives.

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