The government should be responsible for the destruction of the idols :Dasu Suresh

Hyderabad August 9::The National BC Welfare Association (NBC) has demanded the immediate arrest of the thugs who vandalized the statue of BC philosopher and Bahujan deity Mahatma Jyoti ba Poole. The incident took place at Ursu Dargah in Warangal East constituency on Thursday.
BC Welfare Association national spokesperson Dasu Suresh and team of Dalit Bahujans observed the incident. paid homage to the Poole statue and carried out the anointing on behalf of the masses with tragic remarks mourning the incident .Several slogans were shouted against the incident .

Dasu Suresh, who was present on the occasion, said that the attack on the statue of Mahatma Jyoti ba pule was considered as an attack on the backward sectins and downtrodden.

Dasu demanded an end to the stubborn attitude of the Telangana state government towards all BCs.

He said that the wealth of the country has been plundered by the Grown abd Forward communities for the last 73 years after the Indian Independence but it will not be tolerated if it hurts the self-esteem of the BCs.

Now, BCs, Dalits to be prepared to work together towards the establishment of a Bahujan state against the ongoing attacks on the weaker sections.

He demanded that the Bahujan people, beyond the parties, should be prepared to fight against the ongoing attacks on the Bahujan community.

In the next 24 hours, the government should immediately erect bronze statues of great Poole and Ambedkar on the spot where the statue of Mahatma Jyotiba Poole was demolished. Otherwise, will put up a tent here and fight till served the justice.

Telangana State BC Working President Dasu Suresh demanded, the TS government should immediately identify the thugs responsible for this and punish them severely .

The event was attended by BC leaders Dr Thirunahari Sheshu, BJP district OBC Morcha president Kuchana Kranti, Rajaka Reservation Fighting Group state presidents Chaparthi Kumaraswamy, local BC leaders Adepu Nagesh Cheerabharat, Aitam Nagesh and others were participated

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