The government was a complete failure. In all areas AICC secretary Vamsichand Reddy

Hyderabad, Oct::Vamsichand Reddy, AICC Secretary and former legislator of Kalwakurthy In Telangana, which was formed on water, funds and appointments, they are not being fulfilled till today he said vehemently

Unemployed people who wanted jobs to come were disappointed.The day is near when the KCR government, which is acting undemocratically, will be reprimanded.He said

In the case of covid,

the government was a complete failure.he lashed out the KCR government

The poor were afraid to go to government hospitals.The government that failed in the case of covid to suck the blood of the poor. robs with LRS.

The graduate MlC voter process has began. He Urged the Enroll graduates.

Those who completed their degree in 2017 should register as voters.

The KCR government is putting employees in serious trouble.2.70 lakh government jobs are not being filled with vacancies.he slammed

It could not even give just 30 thousand jobs in 6 years.It should be made clear that the more jobs given in these 6 years . the more those fired are mine.he asked

AICC secretary asked PRC, IR should be declared to employees.The TRS stance on CPS policy should be clarified.he demandedThe job calendar should be released to fill government vacancies immidiately

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