The negligence of the rulerWas proved once again:B.Janardhan Reddy

Hyderabad,BJP State Secretary and chevella parliamentary constituency in charge, In the vikarabad people of the district do not care for the welfare of the people.

Janardhan Reddy said in a media statement on Sunday, the negligence of the rulers was proved once again, and also the assurances given before the elections that they would meet the requirements of the people who voted for them were completely forgotten after the elections he added

He said to be the bridge, which was built several years ago, in rains it was damaged, and another bridge, with millions of rupees investment, is still under construction.

He alleged that opposition leaders claimed that the old bridge had built off into a single slope and made its way across the state boundary. On the one side, the government, which claims to be water-saving, cannot store the existing water, he blamed.

He pointed out that these conditions were also prevalent in many parts of the district along with Kagna river. Many of the bridge works have been meaningless in the district due to the negligence of the rulers.

He made it clear that there would be conditions where the canals would be washed away by the slightest rain. According to local district MLA s and MPs ,
As per promises of in elections should fulfill

the district is committee to the development of the district and urged the development of the new bridge on the Cagna River construction work to be speed up the process

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