The State Government should release a White Paper on Received funds under CMRF:Arham

Hyderabad, September 12: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Minorities Vice chairman and incharge Ranga Reddy District Arham Adil on Saturday demanded that the State Government issue a White Paper on the amount it had spent to combat Coronavirus. Alleging that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar

Rao was still in deep slumber”Kumbhakarna’, sleep he asked that KCR wake up immediately to prevent further damage.Arham asked that the State Government should release a White Paper giving details of funds received under Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) for combating Coronavirus and how they were spent. He also asked the government to disclose complete details of money spent to handle Covid-19 situation. ”

CM KCR’s negligent attitude is proving too costly for the Telangana State. He must realise that people’s lives were more precious than his false ego. Therefore, the Chief Minister must wake up from slumber and take corrective measures to control the situation,” he said.
The Congress leader said that the Chief Minister has claimed that nearly Rs. 4,500 crore have been
Ear marked to deal with the Covid-19 situation. “KCR is giving an impression as if he is spending the
almost 1,000,CM KCR is giving immature statements.

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