The woman without a heart in her body, a rare case in the world

The woman in the picture with a smile is Salwa Hussein..! The woman without a heart 💔 in her body, a rare case in the world, as she carries her artificial heart in a bag. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Salwa Hussein, aged 39, is the only one who lives like this way in Britain. She is the mother of two children, the bag that carries her heart is in her lap, its always with her with a device with two batteries weighing 6.8 kg, which is an electric motor and a pump, The batteries push the air into a plastic bag in the patient’s chest through attached tubes, for blood circulation in her body😔 By God, Salwa, all our personal problems and worries are nothing infront of yours, our petty issues are ashamed in front of your SMILE. We should thanks to ALLAH every moment that we are at the top of our health and wellness … all praises to Allah swt, he is the most compassionate & merciful.

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