The YSR govt gift to Rayachoti Muslim

It is very unfortunate and biased allotment / award the post of MLC to our veil wearing ( parda daar ) woman, it seems that the politicians wants to keep their power and domination remain in their hands only for ever , it is in fact and nothing but to kill and suppress the future leadership of Muslim community in Rayachoti , there are so many highly qualified and highly talented candidates are abudently available in Rayachoti town e.g . Mr Ali Nawaze khan, who is an engineer, and loyal man to Ysr party apart from that other stream line candidates like Doctors , lawyers and teachers and also other talented person available at Rayachoti. Majority of Muslim community is very much loyal to YSR even though they haven’t got the due representation or place in the govt , still many of them feel insecure and exhausted with way of handling affairs by the ………. Many people having a talent to represent the community issues in a better way than a lady, if the YSR govt would have allotted the MLC post to a most desirable and well-educated candidate , but unfortunately it has not happened and apart from that they have been ignored and sidelined many YSR loyal candidates , moreover many people from our own community expressing commendation to the YSR for this slow poisonous deprivation act. Believe me until unless if do not trust and do not stand side by side with ur own community , u can not achieve any thing, every political party kick u and slap u without a noise and make a foolish man , plz look in to the past , since independence how many commendable leadership we had developed ? Ask yourselves….. And definitely it is a question mark ?….. Plz tell me my dear brothers ! The community children do not deserve to go in all stream of life like doctors, Charterd accountants , lawyers , etc and the mature person from the community also deserve to have a political representation and it is equally important , plz select a suitable person to represent the community , those who are not having self vested interest , and one who never have a far vision in upliftment of community , such person only deserve to have rights to represent in politics otherwise he can’t meet to ur expectations and can’t bring a change . Like present Muslim political leaders who always to surrender to their respective bosses due to their absolute self vested interest is more important rather than the community, Hence this gap and lacking increasing on day by day in our community , My humble submission with all my community people especially with young educated generation is plz to have a meeting in every Mohalla for (1) basic amenities, ( 2) education and ( 3) health related issues first . And fix the time limit with ur leader, These 3 issues are main and very legitimate demand from the Govt, if do not resolved with in the stipulated time limit , then u make a democratic agitation to highlight ur issues through social media, which has got a strong power for ur deprived voice . Plz use it for good cause. Thank u very much.

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