These are names of 28 Nationalist Business men who looted money of Indian Tax Payers

Who helped them to loot our Country ? EVERY ONE SHOULD KNOW THE FACT

1) Ashis Suresh Bhai
2) Mehul Choksi
3) Nirav Modi
4) Nishan Modi
5) Pushpesh Baidya
6) Asish
7) Sunny Kalara
8) Arti Kalara
9) Sunjay Kalara
10) Varsha Kalara
11) Sudhir Kalara
12) Jatin Mehta
13) Umesh Parikh
14) Kamlesh Parikh
15) Nilesh Parikh
16) Vinay Mittal
17) Eklavya Garg
18) Chetan Jayantilal
19) Nitin Jayantilal
20) Dipti Bein Chetan
21) Saviya Saith
22) Rajiv Goyal
23) Alaka Goyal
24) Lalit Modi
25) Ritesh Jain
26) Hitesh Nagenderbai Patel
27) Mayuribein Patel
28) Vijay Mallya

Total looted amount
10,00,000/- (only Ten Lakh Crore Rupees )

The great bank robbery- The New Indian Express

None of them (except one)
** was OBC, SC, ST
** was Christians
** Was Sikh/ Punjabis
** Was Muslims
** Was North East India
** Was Gowda/Reddy’s
** Was Tamil/Malyali
** Was Bengali/ Bihari
** Was Kashmiris
** Was Backward Class
** was declared Terrorist
** was Naxalist

9 scams that robbed Indian taxpayers' money - Photos-1

They all 99%  Belong to Gujarat
Now the Big Question Mark ? Is, why only Gujaratis, in this ?
Who helped them to loot our Country ?
How they looted our Money ?
You are the Best Judge’s to decide & tell our Indian Citizens.
The Facts & Figures.
One Special thing you know, all the Britishers & others (Invaders) who came to INDIA, They all entered through GUJRATH ports only.


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