These are the casualties in the major wars India has been involved in

1947 First Kashmir war (Nehru) – 1,100

1962 Sino Indian war (Nehru) – 3,000

1965 India Pakistan war (Shastri) – 3,000

1971 War of Bangladesh Liberation (Indira Gandhi) – 3,000

1999 Kargil (Vajpayee) – 527

2020 Corona virus (Modi) – 26,000 (as per official data)

But even though the battle against the pandemic is the greatest threat to Independent India in terms of casualties, prosperity, way of life, etc. nobody seems to be willing to ask Modi any questions about his approach, nor to hold him accountable for his results.

When we had 3 known cases in February his office told us he was personally monitoring the situation and his Health Minister told Rahul Gandhi he was overreacting. Modi himself was into food blogging.

We now have a million infected (possibly understated by an order of magnitude).

It’s easy politics to talk about soldiers dying.

But the pandemic has seen twice as many deaths from all the wars independent India has ever fought.


While Modi focuses on his beard style and the Bihar elections.

Nobody will even ask him a question.

We’re mired in delusion, apathy or resignation.

This is what religious nationalism does to a country.

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