This is what makes India great. Message received from a friend in Kerala

They did not loot the passengers luggage. They did not steal from the pockets of the injured passengers. They did not show any difference between those passengers wearing a skull cap or those who had tilak on their forehead. They did not think of the high petrol cost or the difficult times their familes were going through due to covid. They did not bother to keep a safe distance or refuse to touch those not wearing masks. They did not fear Covid, after being very cautious all these months.

The long Que in front of hospital blood banks with Men & Women Volunteers, waiting to give their blood for the injured passengers did not even realise that it’s past midnight and their children were alone at home. They did not bother about the leather seat covers of their cars getting stained with blood and mud, when they took injured passengers in their cars.

They did not know the name, religion or nationality of those passengers who they rushed to hospital at high speed in their vehicles, risking their own lives. They did not bother about the torrential rain that was pounding through the night, when they rushed with vehicles to the airport when they heard of the aircraft crash.

They did not wait for police or Ambulances to come & pick up the injured. It was the locals who rushed in and took most of the injured passengers to different nearby hospitals. Seperated small children not understanding what had happened, were held close to their chest and comforted in whatever languages they could speak. Whatsapp msgs with pictures of the child and the caretaker was sent to all known numbers & groups with contact number of the person who had the child, till the parents contacted them.

All this was done by the ORDINARY PEOPLE OF MALAPPURAM, Kerala – who had such kindness & presence of mind to respond to the situation.


If not for them, the casualty would have been much higher. Proud to be an INDIAN, thanks to the people of Malappuram, Kerala.

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