TNSF demands AU VC dismissal in marks scam Re-revaluation nowhere in India and abroad

AMARAVATI: Telugu Nadu Students Federation AP President M.V. Pranav on Monday slammed the YCP government for ‘undermining and crippling’ the higher education standards in different universities across the State.
Mr. Pranav demanded the dismissal of Andhra University Vice Chancellor PVGD Prasada Reddy (full additional charge) for unleashing a huge marks scam by introducing a unique re-revaluation scheme in the university.
Addressing a press conference here, the TNSF leader said re-revaluation was used nowhere in the country and abroad and this was mainly intended to benefit Prof. Prasada Reddy’s followers and admirers. The other students had held protests for two days and they relented only after the VC promised to avoid any harm to them. The students’ fears were that in the name of re-revaluation, the marks of genuine and hard-working students would be cut.
Mr. Pranav deplored that the Jagan Reddy regime has spoilt the future of higher education students by not appointing full-time Vice Chancellors not only in AU but in most other universities in the State even after completion of one year. The CM was running the state like a Tughlaq and making a mockery of the education sector. The Government owed an explanation to the people why it did not take action against the AU VC in the marks scam and whether the VC has taken approval of the University Grants Commission and the Higher Education Department or not.
The TNSF leader strongly objected to the Government and its forces resorting to unchecked attacks on the Dalit professors and activists. AU Professor Premanandam was targetted and attacked just for questioning the attitude and behaviour of the university management. The Central Bureau of Investigation should conduct a probe into the marks scam in AU.

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