To Pass a Bill…To declare India as a Hindu Country….

To Pass a Bill :

To declare India as a Hindu Country :

They need 2/3rd or 67 percent Majority in Loksabha n Rajyasabha.

Same Bill has to be passed in atleast 15 state Assemblies.

Now NDA needs 35 more MPs in Loksabha

They need 80 more MPs in Rajyasabha to get 2/3rd Majority.

If Muslims continue to sell their Vote or Divide the Votes or not Voting at all will Make India to be declared as Hindu Country and Muslims will loose the Right to Vote like in China, France, Burma etc.

Only way to Stop this is by Making BJP loose by Voting to the other strongest Candidate from any other Party.

But all Muslims of Each Jamaat should Unite n Decide whom to Vote to defeat BJP.

Those who are selling Your Votes, You are Actually selling Deen, Azaan, Masjids n Madarsas.

Same about Dividing the Votes.

So coming Elections are not just Elections, it’s a Matter of Existence of Muslims and other Minorities and our Freedom to Practice the Religion.

Pass this message to all Muslims and other Minorities.

If we fail to defeat BJP, We have to be Ready to live like Slaves, like in China and other Countries.

Every Muslim, be awake, Think and Study about this act Wisely and Pray to Allah.

May Allah give us Ability to Understand and Unite.


Nisar Ahmad., IPS, (Retd)

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