TPCC spokesperson Nagireddy Fired on state and central Government

Hyderabad, June 16::On the one side corona pandemic covid 19 spreading rapidly, on the other hand electricity bills making shock to common people, petrol and Diesel Prices are increasing to touch like To sky and also critisized that state and central governments focusing On filling the exchequer but not people welfare the Congress party spokesperson, P Nagi Reddy, fired on the central state governments, for in human and unethical price hikes

while the central state governments have been unwilling to take the plight of the common people on the other hand. During the last four months of lockdown tenurejobless andHalf salaries not full payments
people at home with no earnings, people who come out after the lockdown, especially when the electricity bills steep high by the state government, the petrol and diesel prices are rising day by day past nine days.

Traffic channels are showing the public that they are not able to pull out their vehicles. Taxes are being collected from the public, so welfare and devolopment Activities your responsibility, ”he said.  “He demanding behalf of the Congress party to waive the immediatly which increased petrol and diesel prices and the electricity bills also he added

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