Transfer old Secretariat building into Corona curb hospital: Jamalpur

Hyderabad, July 2: TPCC secretary Jamalpur Bandulal on Thursday demanded that the State Government use old Secretariat building as Covid-19 hospital or a quarantine Centre instead of demolishing the present structure.

Bandulal, in a media statement, said that the demolition of present structures and construction of a new Secretariat at a cost of nearly Rs. 1,000 crore would be a criminal waste of public money, especially in the present circumstances. “The end of pandemic does not look near. Therefore, it is high time that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao shift his entire focus on combating Covid-19 situation. Our focus should be on upgradation of health infrastructure and appointment of medical professionals at all levels. Access to free and quality medicare in present situations,” he said.

Congress leader said that the Secretariat was strategically located and many blocks were in extremely good condition. He said usable space in many blocks could be utilised as dedicated Covid-19 hospital or quarantine facility. He said that the KCR Government should change its adamant attitude and open up for new ideas and suggestions. “KCR’s stature will not go down if he accepts the suggestions made by leaders of opposition parties. The Chief Minister should apply his wisdom and not just heart in taking decisions which can benefit the common people,” he said.

“With each passing day, the situation is turning from bad to worse. The State Government will not be able to cover up its mistakes by manipulating data on number of cases and deaths. The real conditions will be known to everyone tomorrow, if not today. Therefore, CM KCR should not try to fool himself or others by drawing a wrong picture of Covid-19 situation. We urge the Chief Minister to postpone the idea of demolition of Secretariat building and convert the same into a Covid-19 hospital on war footing basis,” Bandulal demanded.

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