Treatment at Gandhi Hospital is proving to be a hell:Bandulal

Hyderabad, July 4: TPCC secretary Bandulal has strongly condemned the authorities for the inhuman treatment being meted out to Covid-19 patients at Gandhi Hospital.

“Everyday one new video is surfacing on social media on the ill treatment of Covid-19 patients at Gandhi Hospital. The facilities appear inadequate and there is absolute no hygiene or cleanliness. saturday one shocking video is circulating in the social media wherein two patients were seen abandoned near a lift. The hospital authorities must clarify as to why patients, attendants and other staff members are making such videos if the conditions are good,” asked Bandulal in a media statement on Sunday.

The Congress leader alleged that there was a huge contradiction between the claims being made by Health Minister Etala Rajender and the ground reality. He said why patients would complain if they were getting proper treatment. “Those getting admitted in Gandhi Hospital are confirmed Covid-19 patients who face a serious threat to their lives if they do not get proper treatment. Our Health Minister must realise that patients were not making videos for fun or some monetary benefit. They are only recording the reality and sharing it on social media with the hope that authorities would act on them and take corrective measures. However, the Health Minister is making fun of such videos and ridiculing the patients for raising a complaint. This attitude must change,” he demanded.

Bandulal pointed out that journalist Manoj Kumar had complained of lack of oxygen and proper treatment at Gandhi Hospital and he died a few hours later. Two more patients have sent videos from the Chest Hospital complaining of neglect and lack of oxygen and they too died later. He said those were not mere complaints, but dying declarations. He said it was highly unfortunate that the State Government did not take any action in the cases where alleged medical negligence led to the death of three Covid-19 patients.

The Congress leader said that it was the duty of the government to protect people’s lives by providing them quality medical care. Neither Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao nor Health Minister Etala Rajender was doing any personal favour to Covid-19 patients by making arrangements for their treatment at Gandhi Hospital or other medical facilities. While the role being played by doctors and other medical professionals as frontline warriors against Coronavirus is highly appreciative, they cannot be granted immunity for negligence. There is no doubt that they are risking their lives while treating Covid-19 patients. But those not doing their job properly need to be punished as they do not possess the license to kill poor patients through medical negligence, he said.

Bandulal said many horrifying incidents have surfaced in the city during the last three months in Gandhi Hospital and other government hospitals. “Many patients were denied admission and relatives were made to run from pillar to post. Many patients died even before they were admitted to the hospital. Dead bodies were exchanged. A few dead persons were cremated without the knowledge of their relatives. A patient went missing a day after his admission and his body surfaced in the mortuary after a month. In another hospital, a living person was declared dead and the authorities even tried to hand over the dead body of another person to the relatives,” he said.

The Congress leader said such horrible stories about Gandhi Hospital have instilled fear among people and today many people with Covid-19 symptoms were not willing to go for a test as they fear that they might be admitted in Gandhi Hospital if they are found positive. He said getting treated at Gandhi Hospital is proving to be a nightmare for many citizens. He urged the Health Minister to take immediate measures to restore the confidence of people. He said almost 90 percent of doctors and medical staff were doing their jobs with total dedication. However, the remaining 10 percent staff are spoiling their name by resorting to negligence and carelessness which is even leading to death of many patients.

Bandulal demanded a probe into the allegations of negligence and a mechanism to act upon the complaints being lodged by the patients and their relatives.

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