TRS government should feel ashamed of this worest condition  Bandulal TPCC secretary

Hyderabad, August19::Telangana Pradesh congress commitee (TPCC) secretary and Congress Senior Leader Jamalpur
Bandulal welcomes the Telangana State Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundarya Rajan’s reprimand to CM KCR led TRS government in the state, regarding its dismal failure in mitigation of COVID19 crisis in the state.

Bandulal stated in his Media statementTRS government should feel ashamed of this worest condition, and atleast now take necessary actions to correct their course in dealing with COVID19 situation in the state.

Bandulal slams thatThere are innumerable deaths in almost all residential colonies and apartments across GHMC area and in many districts due to COVID19, and there’s no system of collection and reporting of data in the state.

Bandulal said that State Governor Dr Tamilisai being a doctor herself has understood the criminal negligence of the TRS government since March 2020 in dealing with COVID19, and has now publicly rebuked KCR government as a last resort.

Bandulal recalled that Governor Dr Tamilisai has also stated openly that she has written and advised the state government several times earlier, regarding the need to provide the essential medical infrastructure to the people in the state, to minimize infection and treat the infected.

Congress Leader demands explanation from CM KCR on State Governor’s rebuke for his dismal failure in managing COVID19 crisis in the state. CM KCR should explain to people of the state, why his government has displayed this degree of Irresponsibility, which is leading to many deaths across the state.
Bandulal admiredTelangana State Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundarya Rajan has finally belled the cat, in her capacity both as a State Governor and as the head of the state executive.

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