Uncle Atcahnnaidu is No Way Concern With ESI Scam : MP Rammohan Naidu

TDP MP From Srikakulam Constituency K. Rammohan Naidu On Friday Strongly Condemn the arrest of Party’s Deputy Leader and His Uncle K. Atchannaidu’s Arrest in ESI Scam

Rammohan Naidu has alleged that ACB officials Arrested his Uncle without giving prior notices was highly condemnable. “Mr. Atchannaidu is an MLA and a duly elected people’s representative with a long political track record. He is wrongly implicated in false cases in the alleged scam in purchase of medicines and appliances in the ESI.” Rammohan added.

Tdp Mp also Said ” Actually, the ESI tele health services programme was initiated in AP when Atchannaidu was Minister for Labour. The programme was launched as part of a national level initiative begun by the Narendra Modi Government at that time. In Telangana, a similar corruption scam came up but a director level official was arrested there but not the Minister concerned.” MP Rammohan added

Rammohan Naidu also Explained that From the beginning, the Jaganmohan Reddy Government was harassing political rivals with false cases. Atchannaidu played an active role in exposing the Government’s multi-crore scams in sand, liquor, cement, Coronavirus kits and bleaching powder. Now, the YCP was afraid of facing the TDP onslaught on these scams in the coming Assembly session. All the 151 MLAs of the YCP knew they were not a match for Atchannaidu in the Assembly debates. This is why they resorted to his kidnap and arrest just a few days ahead of the budget session.

The Srikakulam MP also Says that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has been personally hatching a conspiracy against the Atchannaidu family. Especially, the CM was frustrated over the strong criticism from Atchannaidu on the Government’s scams. Why is the latest action initiated? Atchannaidu has already clarified about the ESI activities at a press conference. He is not a terrorist nor a criminal for hundreds of policemen making a flash raid to arrest him.
Many States took part in telehealth services. It was AP alone which bought the medicines at a lower price compared to other states in the ESI telehealth services programme.

“Despite this, false information was being spread. In his capacity as the Minister only, Atchannaidu took some decisions as per the instructions of the Central government. In 2016, Prime Minister Modi held a meeting and instructed the ESIC and senior officials to use technology and extend telehealth services in all the states.
The Government of India sent letters to all the states for implementing telehealth services. As the Minister concerned, Mr. Atchannaidu held a meeting with officials and asked whether telehealth services were already provided in any state. It was found out that Telangana implemented it already. So, Atchannaidu ordered AP officials to implement the same model in the state. A letter signed by Atchannaidu to this effect was now twisted out of context and a misinformation campaign was launched.” Mp Rammohan Said

Rammohan Naidu also explained that “The AP government has no jurisdiction over the ESI matters as it is a national level services organisation. The teleservices programme was also a national level programme. But is being used to settle political scores with rivals. Jagan Reddy government one year rule became known for its open scams in sand, mines, liquor, house sites and exploitation of natural resources. A CBI investigation should be launched in this.” mp rammmohan added.

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