Unjustly sacked field assistants should be rehired immediately TPCC secretary Bandulal

Hyderabad, July30::TPCC Secretary Bandulal has blamed the Telangana state government for ruthlessly dismissing nearly 7,700 field assistants who have been monitoring employment guarantee works in villages for the past 15 years and providing employment to millions.

Bandulal said that it was leaving the responsibility of creating new jobs for the unemployed in the state and was dismissing the existing jobs, which was an anti-employee, anti-unemployment government.

He questioned that apart from the jobs of field assistants in the Corona disaster, the engineers working in the Mission Bhagiratha scheme were also being mercilessly sacked by the employees of other departments, which is why we have achieved Telangana.

Bandulal demandedThe Rural Development Commissioner in issuing directions through Lr.No.4779 / EGS / PM (PI) / 2013 on July 27 to transfer the employment guarantee work of field assistants to the Panchayat Secretaries and provide them with proper training and completion of the training by August 15.

Congress leaders described the government’s workload as pushing more workload on panchayat secretaries, who were already under severe work pressure.

Congress party demanded the government to immediately re-employ the nearly 7700 field assistants who were unfairly sacked, address the problems of panchayat and junior panchayat secretaries who are facing severe work pressure and provide job security to junior panchayat secretaries.

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