In the year 1927  Royal Talkies  was established by Dinyar Dinshah in the residency area, which  was later on purchased by Vennayya and Maisaiah in 1937.

In 1930.. Yakuth Mahal was constructed in Yakuthpur area.The two projectors made in 1927 in Chicago were present in the theatre. The presence of these projectors made this theatre to exhibit the movies for more than eighty years continuously. Not only separate seats for ladies but there was also a curtain between the ladies and gents section. This theatre gave importance to the old melodies.

The enduring charm of Yakut Mahal still rings nostalgic tunes

In or around 1930 Motimahal theatre was built, in the Residency area. June 14th of 1936 was one of the saddest days in the history of the Nizam state. A fire accident occurred in Mothimahal Theatre of Sultan Bazaar. Fourteen people were dead and several people were injured in this incident. The film “College Girl” was screening in the theatre at the time of accident which occurred between 9.30 pm – 10.00 pm during the end of the evening show at lady‟s balcony near projector room. The fire started near projector and spread into lady‟s balcony. Due to the heavy smoke, people started running towards the exit and there was a stampede.

In 1932… Krishna Talkies was built at Gulbarga house, Gulzar house.Krishna Talkies used to exhibit the films till recently. Later it was demolished and now the construction work is going on to built a big complex in its place.

In the year 1934  Zamarrud” was built in 1934 by Nawab Gulam Hussain Khan and named after his grand mother Zamrrud Begum. At that relevant time, it was the largest cinema theatre in india, measuring 200 by 70 feets, accommodates 2000 persons.  This theatre was being started with Devaki Bose‟s “Sita” (Durga Kote and Prithvi Raj Kapoor) movie, but it was started with “Bilwamangal”. The “Bilwamangal” movie was the first Indian Movie which was being processed in Britain.

In the same year Manohar Talkies was built at Secunderabad

1935-40 Argus was constructed at Lal Darwaza, two more theatres were constructed under the same name at Narayaguda and Aghapura, in these two theatres Telugu movies were being run…

In or about 1939…Abids shop was converted into a theatre Select Cinema it belongs to Patel and Bhagat….later on after its reconstruction named as Palace Theatre

Shama Talkies' - A 37-Year Old Hyderabad's Single Screen Theatre ...

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